Relationship Reconnect

A powerful method for women ready to transform their disconnected marriage.

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You’ll discover the 5 things that might be holding you back in your relationship,
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Create the loving relationship you’ve always dreamed of by crafting a rock solid foundation strong enough to weather any storm.

Nobody else can make this happen for you. Not your partner. Not your therapist. Not even me.

But if you’re ready for lasting change…

Relationship Reconnect will give you the roadmap, tools and support you need to make it happen.

The women I work with are smart, capable and caring.

Just like you, they have high standards for themselves in their work, as a parent and as a partner. They’re not willing to settle for a mediocre or disconnected relationship.

This is your life and you want to love it.

But, you are tired. Tired of trying so hard to make things work, to have a loving relationship, to keep up the facade even though things are really tough right now.

Some days, it feels like no matter how hard you try… it’s still not enough.

Maybe things have become so bad that you're in a relationship crisis: a boundary has been crossed, trust has been violated, or things have become so difficult that you can barely stand it—and you’re not sure whether to stay or go (and that’s scary as hell to even say out loud).

Even if you don’t believe it just yet, there is hope:

You can get back to feeling connected, in-sync and in love with your partner.

You can break out of the cycle of blame, resentment and disappointment.

And you can have the marriage you’ve always dreamed of, it starts with you.

If you are willing to take a look at your own journey, to challenge how you think and react, you can transform your marriage.

And no, this doesn’t mean that you need to put up with someone else’s crap for the rest of your life or stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

But it’s true: while you’ve been so busy worrying and stressing about how things need to change, how you want more, you’ve been missing the opportunity right under your nose.

The power you have to create exactly what you want by focusing on YOU.

When you’re willing to do this work (especially with someone like me in your corner) everything changes.

(It did for me, and for the many women I’ve worked with over the last 10 years.)

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The solution you've been looking for is Relationship Reconnect

It’s a relationship revolution for women who are sick of repeating the same soul-sucking patterns in their relationship.

It’s for women who are ready to try a new approach to create the love they've been dreaming about and create the love they’ve been dreaming of.

It’s for you: the woman who knows she is capable of having so much more — if only she had the roadmap, tools and support she needed to make it happen.

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“Working with Mariette changed my life in an incredible way.

She gave me the gift of being able to look at things from a different perspective and embrace each moment. In her warm and safe way, she helped me peel back the layers and look inward, so I could move forward in my life and relationship in a positive way.”

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I’m Mariette West and I help women revive and transform their marriage.

There was a time in my marriage when I questioned if I could go on feeling so disconnected and stuck.  I was constantly reacting to conflict, reacting to criticism, reacting to rejection and spending my time blaming (and as a result, trying to change) my husband, my surroundings, or anything else I thought was the problem.

You can probably guess how well that turned out:

  • I was frustrated …that my marriage had turned out so differently than I had hoped. “Is this really all there is?”
  • I was sad…because I felt unimportant, unappreciated and not seen by the one person I wanted it from - my husband. "Would I ever get what I wanted?"
  • I was confused. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted—but this definitely wasn’t it. "Is it time to leave?"

And despite how hard I was working to fix my relationship…

I felt more alone and disconnected than I ever had.

Perhaps you can relate.

The good news? You are so in the right place. Learning and implementing the Relationship Reconnect method can help you create the marriage you desire, just like it helped me create mine.

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How does Relationship Reconnect work?

Relationship Reconnect is a one-on-one 12 week program.

In your private portal, you will get access to a link where you can view video lessons and download worksheets.

You will work through any videos and worksheets before our session giving you the time you need. You can record your insights, get your questions answered and keep track of your progress in the private client portal.

Once a week we’ll meet for a 60min one-on-one video call where I will support you in deepening your work and moving through any challenges you may have.

Relationship Reconnect Milestones

I’ll guide you step-by-step to help you reconnect to your partner and to love being married again.

The Relationship Roadmap

Understand the stages of relationships and the challenges at each stage.

The Power Struggle Stage

Learn why conflict is necessary in the Power Struggle stage of relationships, but being stuck is not.

Your Personal Power Struggle

Understand your own reactions to shift the result in your relationship.

Why you React the Way you Do

Understand and tend to what is really at the root of your reactions.

Interrupt the Pattern

Know how to stop your automatic reactions so you can consciously move forward.

Reconnect to Yourself

Understand, love and support yourself to create the relationship you desire.

Reconnect to Your Partner

Get to know your partner at a deeper level for a more authentic connection.

Connected Communication

Learn how to communicate in a way that connects and meets both your needs.

Commitment to Growing Love

What you need to do to commit to the connection path on your relationship journey.

“Mariette is a total professional, non-judgemental and had the patience to be present with me, no matter what came up.

I was able to trust the process of working with her, no matter how stuck I felt. Now, I have the tools I need to navigate my relationship with skill and truly see myself for who I am and who I can become.”


Relationship Reconnect is your opportunity to revive your marriage

To build the loving relationship you’ve always dreamed of.
And craft a rock-solid foundation strong enough to weather any storm.

Nobody else can make this happen for you. Not your partner. Not your therapist. Not even me.

If you’re ready for lasting change…

Relationship Reconnection will give you the roadmap, tools and support you need to make it happen. I’d love to be your guide.

book a love breakthrough session

“When I look back at where I was, Mariette gave me the tools and insight to shift from being the victim to a place of empowerment.”


Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost?

As there are different options, and I need to understand your needs before I can give you an accurate quote. The best way to do this is to book a call with me in order to determine your best option.


What are my payment options?

In full before we start OR payment plan with automatic withdrawal each month


What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card and PayPal


How long does it take to complete the program?

12 weeks of 1-1 sessions


What if I need help in the moment?

You will have access to a private client log where you can ask for support, get questions answered as well as to share insights and progress.


How is relationship coaching different from couples therapy?

Relationship coaching is not "couples therapy," just as life coaching is not psychotherapy. If therapists are surgeons, coaches are personal trainers.

Unlike therapy, relationship coaching doesn’t dig into your childhood story, doesn’t help you with mental illness, addictions or past/current trauma. It can help you clear up your thinking, shift perspectives, and create a loving foundation as you work towards creating your relationship vision.


When, where and how do we meet?

We’ll meet virtually on Whereby. There is a 1 hour 1-1 call each week for the 12 weeks. You will have access to the videos, diagrams/worksheets and client log in the your Private Client Area.


Is it worthwhile to get coaching without my partner?

Coaching helps clients get past what is keeping them stuck, and to get support in creating their own relationship vision. When one part of a dynamic changes so will the outcome. For this reason, clients are able to create a desirable relationship even without their partner's participation in the coaching process.


Isn’t it unfair that I’m the only one doing the work in our relationship?

A relationship is made up of a dynamic between two people. When you own your part in that dynamic, things will begin to shift in a big way (and no, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to put up with someone else’s crap or stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy).

Can’t find the answer to your question?

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